INITION’s Virtual Vertigo Experience on the Paul O’Grady Show


On April 20th, INITION again appeared on the Paul O’Grady Show, this time sending O’Grady and his guests, Russell Tovey and Christopher Eccleston, across a plank suspended hundreds of metres above ground between two rickety buildings.

Lead Creative, Alex Lambert, was on-hand to explain the technology to the audience, describing virtual reality as being the ‘[use of] digital technology to put someone in a virtual environment.” He went onto to say that he “would compare it to a 3D film that you’re actually inside. Rather than watching content via a screen like looking through a window into the TV, [virtual reality] puts you inside that world.”

O’Grady reacted enthusiastically to the challenge, though was quick to express his shock once the door of the safe room opened to unveil the plank. Despite cheering encouragement from the live audience, O’Grady found the experience too much, backing away from the halfway point across the plank to the room at the beginning.

Eccleston proved to be slightly too overzealous with his enthusiasm, falling virtually from the plank and landing hundreds of metres down amidst the grassy surrounds.

Tovey was the last to step up to the plank, initially describing the sensation as ‘so weird’ before cautiously but successfully crossing the void between the two buildings.

The episode can be viewed in its entirety via the itv Player (available until May 20), or it can be viewed in our Demo Studio.

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