With a track record spanning over 14 years and hundreds of installations in both the UK and abroad, we are known for leveraging new immersive technologies for creative communications well before they hit the mainstream; we’ve been augmenting reality since 2006, printing in 3D since 2005, and creating virtual realities since 2001.

Based in the innovation epicentre which is Shoreditch London, we have a unique, 2,000 sq ft Demo Studio.  Part showroom, part workshop, part playground it is the place where we showcase our work, along with the latest developments in virtual, augmented and mixed realities, gestural interfaces, 3D and holographic displays, interactive tables, haptics devices, to name just a few. Moreover, as technology develops at an ever increasing rate, our constantly updated Demo Studio provides organic vitally important hands-on experience for our clients, enabling an informed starting point for any new project.

We believe that the whole impact of the communication technologies on businesses will be massive in the future, but the future is not always linear. We can help businesses cut through the hype and understand what are the potential applications, the easy wins and the future roadmap. A strategic view on what works well now and what the future will bring.


Inition’s production capability is underpinned by our relationship with a wide range of cutting-edge technology partners and very often we would get to know technologies before they become mainstream. Our production team is literally surrounded by new technology, creating an environment where new ideas are never in short supply. However, we will always try to understand the desired business outcome first and foremost and then apply what we think it’s the right technology to underpin that outcome. That’s why we are proud to be technology agnostic.

Inition is built upon the skills, expertise and passion of a multi-disciplinary team of creative, technical and business minds. We are true integrators of hardware, software and content components capable to deliver projects that advance businesses.

Inition is built upon the skills, expertise and passion of a team of creative and technical minds.

Adrian Leu/CEO

Stuart Cupit/Technical Director

John Henderson/Creative Director

Klaudia Kranc/Finance Director

Olivia Lory Kay/Strategy & Business Director

Mike Harris/Stress Manager

Key Staff

Stavroula Avgerinou

3D UI Designer

Maryke Botha

Marketing Manager

Louisa Bremner

Senior 3D Artist

Peter Collis

Head of 360/3D Film Production

Ollie Farnden

Compositing Artist

Laura Achour

Front of House

Katie Grayson


Natalie Harvey

Project Manager

Maira Hayat

Marketing Coordinator

Amy O'Brien

Office Administrator

Anakin Ryan

Senior 3D Modeller

Stephen Shaw

Executive Producer

Pedro Sousa

Lead Developer

Lee Spooner

Lead Artist

Kevin Stafferton

3D Developer

George Stuart

Demo Studio & Business Development

Grigor Todorov

3D Developer