Tata Communications: Powering Mercedes F1 VR


the brief

The Tata Communications Global Network is responsible for carrying a huge volume of the world’s voice and internet traffic. With a reach of more than 240 countries and territories, 99.7% of the world’s GDP, millions of businesses and billions of people, the network was just as powerful as the message it wanted to send.

Tata Communications approached INITION  to help them communicate this message in an attention-grabbing and innovative way.

The aim was to showcase how Tata have disrupted Formula One by helping the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team. With that partnership in mind, the experience was to pose the question: ‘Imagine what working with Tata Communications could do for you?’


the solution

INITION created a user experience demonstrating the role of Tata Communications in facilitating high speed communication among the Mercedes F1 team on race day. The experience shows what happens in one split second pivotal moment during a race.

The production utilised a mix of 360° 3D CGI and 4K live-action filming to illustrate the power and speed of the network. CGI animation was composited on top of live-action footage filmed of racing driver Lewis Hamilton narrating the story. This helped to create a visually entertaining, immersive and innovative VR experience.


the result

The VR experience has been embraced as a universal asset used by all marketing teams globally. Once completed, it was shared on 40 Samsung Gear VR headsets and deployed at over 50 events around the world. Since its creation, the project has been experienced by over 8000 people including stakeholders. This figure also included over 3000 employees of Tata, as part of a survey to track their engagement with the F1 program. 

Amit Sharma, Associate VP for F1 Marketing at Tata Communications explained that VR was one of the best platforms available today to give their target audience an engaging and immersive experience.

“We have got very good feedback for the VR experience from audiences who have seen it across different platforms globally starting from the CEO event in UK. Audiences are able to connect to the story and have a stronger recall of the message as compared to traditional videos. There are a lot of people who experience VR for the first time and the impact is much stronger for them.”

[inition] has great technology and creative skills and worked as one team with us throughout the journey

On working with INITION, Amit admired the team’s passion, adventure and support for delivering the project. “The team has great technology and creative skills and worked as one team with us throughout the journey.”



  • CGI and live action compositing
  • VR for internal communications
  • VR for engaging stakeholders
  • Training and recruitment tool
  • Brand awareness