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3D/360 Filming

3D Displays & Filming 

With a forward-thinking approach to traditional filming methods and formats, INITION has developed an impressively diverse catalogue of 3D filming projects. Using industry-leading 3D displays and filming equipment, and utilising the expertise of highly skilled technical and creative teams, we are able to employ 3D technology to create unique viewing experiences.

3D filming can augment or heighten the visual impact of a wide range of programs – from real-time events, to music videos and documentary television shows. 360°, slow-motion, motion-capture, and 3D-based visual installations are just some of the formats we can produce.

Our team of skilled operators and technicians are equipped with an arsenal of high-quality tools and displays that can be adapted to meet the creative and technical requirements of a project. Whether it’s a multi-day shoot cruising down a river in Botswana, or on the central London set of a pop song music video, there’s no 3D project we can’t tackle. Explore our range of 3D displays, or get in contact to arrange a demo.

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