Case Study:

Slow Motion Manchester United 3D Promo for Epson


The Brief

Inition’s sister company, Pointy Stick was comissioned by Epson to create a stereoscopic 3D promotional film featuring some of Manchester United’s top stars. The three minute piece, conceived and executed entirely in stereoscopic 3D was created to help launch Epson’s first range of home 3D projectors and celebrate their partnership with the world-famous club.

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The film, directed by 16oz’s Michael Lindsay and Gaute Hesthagen begins with the players in a black abstract space with intimate super slow-motion sequences portraying the drama at the heart of the battle between player, ball and gravity. The combination of shooting in stereoscopic 3D and at 1000 frames-per-second, both techniques that allow us to see more, reveals the underlying forces, decisions and skills at play in what are normally unseen fleeting moments of the game. The piece transitions into playful behind-the-scenes moments with the players on set, watching themselves and each other in slow-motion 3D, for the first time, using a 3D Epson projector in a living room set, shot in the same studio.

The Challenges– With such rare access to world-class players, the aspirations for the project were high but meticulous planning was required for such a technically demanding shoot given only three hours access to the players. The stereoscopic treatment was developed in detail with a 3D aesthetic to reward the viewer with a rich, intimate experience, rather than just a 3D-effect; by shooting against black, all the available depth is levereged by just player and ball creating heightened volume, texture and definition that brings to life every tensed muscle, ripple in fabric, droplet of sweat, impact of player and ball.


Michele Brown. Head of Advertising Creative at Epson said: “This beautifully shot 3D promo demonstrates the quality of the Epson 3D projector and the power of 3D as a visual medium”. Michael Lindsay, Creative Director at Pointy Stick comment: “Our aim was to provide a taste of the athleticism and skills of the modern game of football in a medium that allows us to share their world. The piece was carefully crafted to create a powerful visual experience that fully exploits the mostly-untapped potential of stereoscopic 3D film-making.”

The promo (in 2D):

Behind-the-scenes (filmed in 3D but shown here in 2D):

Epson’s Range of 3D Projectors

The stereoscopic 3D promo is being shown at events around the world to show off Epson’s first consumer 3D projectors. The Pro Cinema 6010 is aimed at high-end home cinema installations whereas the 5010 is aimed at the living room. Both projectors require active glasses and both include an HD wireless transmission unit.

Pointy Stick also delivered a TV commercial and shot a behind-the-scenes documentary footage directed by Chris Holt. Stereoscopic 3D production support and camera equipment was provided by Inition. Pointy Stick completed the edit in-house with final finishing completed at Onsight. 3 different 3D camera systems were used for the shoot including:

– Epic hand-held easy-rig
– Phantom high-speed rig
– Mini-cam documentary rig


Directors: Michael Lindsay and Gaute Hesthagen
Stereo producer: Andy Millns
Line producer: Mark Parsons
DOP: Brendan McGinty

For more information please contact Alix Wood, Pointy Stick on 07989 068 416,