Case Study:

Award Winning 3D Feature in Extreme Environments for ‘Amphibious’


The Brief

Inition were approached by Komodo Films to help with the filming of Brian Yuzna’s much anticipatedAmphibious 3D. Komodo Films required a 3D specialist to a high quality stereoscopic experience and expertise in tough humid conditions on a low budget.

The film follows the story of a giant prehistoric sea creature that terrorises the occupants of a remote fishing platform off Sumatra. Directed by horror veteran Brian Yuzna (Reanimator) and starring Michael Pare (Bloodrayne, Virgin Suicides) the film has made several appearances on the festival circuit.


Inition’s Asia Pacific office worked closely with Komodo Films and Fu Works providing consultancy on pre-production, storyboards, camera and monitoring equipment plus stereography during production. Amphibious was shot in challenging conditions in Jakarta over a two month period. Inition’s Head of Production for the Asia Pacific, Markus Stone, was the lead stereographer and headed the 3D department.


Markus commented, “This was a complex 3D shoot, and was produced in often challenging conditions including the Javanese jungle, on board a boat and in a studio that was a humid 36 degrees every day with the air conditioners turned on. It just goes to show that great 3D is possible on a budget.”

Inition are delighted to announce that Amphibious 3D has been awarded “Best Feature” at the 3D Stereo Media European Film Festival in a competitive field of 48 entries. Criteria included 3D quality, understanding of 3D grammar, script and overall quality of the film and it was judged by a panel of industry experts including renowned Belgian Stereographer Kommer Kleijn.