The Brief

To provide complete stereoscopic kit and crew support for Red Bee / MPC’s Sony Wimbledon 3D cinema commercial shoot.


Inition’s Andy Millns, Campbell Goodwille, Charlie Perera and Peter Collis were on the shoot with our Pulsar rig supporting two Phantom HD Gold cameras (from our high-speed partners Pirate). The 60 second commercial, post-produced by MPC was shoot exclusively in high-speed with frame rates up to 800 fps.

The technically demanding shoot went very smoothly with 8 setups in one day shooting mainly on a Technocrane. The size of the Neutron rig is perfectly suited to the Phantom HD Gold cameras, keeping the size and weight of the package to a minimum. Large screen 3D TV monitoring was provided, along with 3D video assist.



The final piece was shown in cinemas throughout the UK to promote Sony’s upcoming live 3D transmissions of Wimbledon. If you would like to see the piece in 3D then pay us a visit.