Innovation in Retail


INITION will take its place in the Innovation Lounge at the eagerly awaited Retailed Recharged event this Wednesday (17th October).

Retail Recharged brings together 150 retail professionals and thought-leaders to debate how tech can be used to promote and enhance the retail experience in unique and engaging ways.

Along with other innovators, INITION has partnered with Retail Recharged to showcase the latest capabilities in store and experiential technology.

From 3D holograms, interactive screens, VR and AI, INITION will be on hand to show some of the country’s leading brands how the future of retail really does lie within the tech sector. It’s the first time that ‘Magic Leap’ will be seen in this setting, demonstrating how 3D objects can interact in the physical world.

With attendees such as Selfridges & Co, Mothercare, eBay, Specsavers, to name a few, the event is set to explore how a variety of tech solutions can be used view products differently and bring them to life.

By immersing people in a whole new retail experience and by encouraging product interaction, brands can gain more impact and memorability.

Wearable devices have featured in the retail sector for a few years. But now, as we look to the future, INITION will be demonstrating how new interaction paradigms such as voice, gesture, gaze and haptics all have a part to play.

No strangers to the retail sector…

INITION has long been involved in pioneering the way for the world’s best-known brands.

From cutting-edge product launches to the future of Worldpay card payments, INITION has been at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry for some time.

Last year, INITION partnered with Adidas to create an innovative digital activation for consumers to experience at the launch of their new 2017 football footwear franchise, Nemeziz. The concept METAMORPHOSIS used the boot as the interface between the user and the digital content – by creating a one-of-a-kind interactive boot that would convert physical interactions into real time graphics and sound.

Our tech solutions don’t stop when it comes to product launches. Earlier this year, INITION worked with Worldpay, creating a proof-of-concept piece that would allow users to buy items securely in a virtual environment.

The prototype project, built using the HTC Vive, explores how users would be able to make payment using a credit or debit card while remaining immersed within a virtual world.

The future of retail…

To date, the retail sector has focused on enhancing the physical experience for customers. It is quick to embrace immersive and interactive technologies. However, these change very fast and so working with a specialist company is the key to staying ahead of the competition, and utilising the latest methods to reach customers with that ‘wow’ factor that instantly gets a following.

More than just a tool for consumers, immersive technology now gives businesses the opportunity to gain analytics from studying the behaviour of users during experiences. These tools can be used to better understand behaviour, emotional triggers and their susceptibility to specific factors, including advertising.

The more we can analyse physical and virtual data, the more we can elucidate what drives consumers to the purchase decision.

As our Head of Marketing, Nina Slevin, says:

“Product becomes service, and in turn service becomes experience. Products with added service layers drive positive experience, value and loyalty.”

To learn more about Retail Recharged, visit the conference website…