Virtual Reality Big Draw for Digital Marketing at Cross Media Live 2013


Cross Media Live digital marketing visitors see how augmented and virtual reality can be integrated across media platforms to make people want to engage with a brand.

Brand executives, suppliers and digital marketing agencies were attracted to Inition’s augmented and virtual reality stand that featured recent projects, including a brochure based AR app that marketed a new residential block on the South Bank.  Digital Dissection, the application designed for Lush Cosmetics, amazed visitors as they dissected photo realistic organs and interacted with an AR application produced to market a pharmaceutical skin product through 3D animation.

Many of the delegates understood the appeal of AR and how the same experiences could be delivered through print media, TV or online, but virtual reality is less obvious, so Inition showed how immersive productions can be a powerful marketing tool without leaving other forms of media behind.

Inition adapted the virtual reality wingsuit experience, originally commissioned by TRO-Group for the Nissan ‘Built to Thrill’ campaign, to work with the Oculus Rift.  Described as the headline feature on the Nissan stand at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, it was also regarded as the headline attraction of Cross Media Live judging from the feedback and crowds.

Jonathan Tustain, Inition communications manager, said: “Virtual reality will soon become a fully cross media tool. 2014 will see new VR head mounted displays being launched thanks to the interest generated by the Oculus Rift. Just like AR now, there is no reason why VR can’t follow the same way, activated by a QR code in a magazine or a download to a set top box during a TV advert.”

He continued: “Clusters of people navigate to virtual reality experiences, seeing the reactions of others and instantly become eager to try it for themselves. VR alerts the senses, making people more receptive to the brand message. Their interest is spiked – it is the ultimate permission based marketing tool. It has been extremely fun showing how the early potential of virtual reality as a powerful marketing tool. “