Case Study:

Reaching the Media at the DPP Members’ Forum


INITION’s CEO Adrian Leu was invited to the June 2016 DPP Member’s Forum as a panelist to discuss why virtual reality could possibly be the future of the media with DPP members.

who are dpp?

Digital Production Partnership is a membership-based company representing companies in all areas of the media industry. Set up by BBC, ITV and Channel 4, DPP uses their expertise to generate insights, enable change and create market opportunities for their members.

The vision of the company is to see a future of global content creation and exchange, seeing a transformation and innovation in the media industry and in the way content is produced, distributed and consumed. They frequently host a wide range of events, products and work streams.

the panel

  • Host: Mark Harrison, DPP Managing Director, and Director of Technical Futures Group, BBC
  • Henry Stuart, Co-Founder & CEO of Visualise
  • John Stone, General Manager, Research and Development at Sony Europe
  • Adrian Leu, CEO of INITION

the event

Following the publication of the latest version of its industry insights report Home Truths, DPP invited Adrian Leu and other expert speakers in the immersive technology industry to share their views on the business applications of those immersive technologies, insights on their use and the production workflow necessary for creating specific content. The discussion was focused specifically on virtual reality and 360° video.

Unanimous in their decision, the panel agreed on the staying power of immersive technologies, with use going beyond just gaming and entertainment who are seen, for the time being, as the low hanging fruit. The enterprise sector and the general use of those technologies in work applications will have a long term impact and will drive adoption bringing a sustainable business model, measurable ROI and embedding with existing workflows.

The practicalities of increasing the resolution and frame-rate to each eye were discussed, as were the realities of adoption. Real world examples of how VR is working – from Thomas Cook using VR to offer their customers a preview of holiday locations – to the British Army using VR to demonstrate exactly what recruits will be doing if they enrol – have led to big increases in sales conversions. Although technology is currently working well in the digital marketing sector, the panellists questioned what we would be seeing next.

Another key challenge presented was data connections and the influence of the network. Just as fast as the adoption of VR is happening, the panellists pointed out that changes would have to be made to the current network to support the huge data generated. With advancements being made in technology every day, a super-connected network must be established to sustain the demand.

the experience

“The DPP is a progressive organisation which addresses the impact of the new immersive technologies from a very practical point of view. Its work is beneficial for all the media broadcasting and production companies. It offers a good platform for exchanging of ideas and solutions and offering insights into the way the media will be shaped by the those new immersive technologies.” – Adrian leu

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