Case Study:

Digital & Interactive Workshop: Odgers Berndtson & GDR


Odgers Berndtson and GDR Creative Intelligence partnered up with INITION to host their ‘Digital & Interactive Workshop’ event in INITION’s demo studio. Invited guests at the workshop included marketing executives and directors across the biggest brands in the UK and worldwide, including BBC and Amazon.

Key Data

Who: Odgers Berndtson & GDR Creative
What: Digital & Interactive Workshop
Where: INITION’s Demo Studio

the hosts

Odgers Berndtson is the UK’s pre-eminent executive search firm, helping private and public sector organisations find the highest calibre people for permanent and interim management appointments in the UK and internationally.

GDR Creative Intelligence work with major consumer brands who want to stay ahead in fast-moving retail markets. We work with teams in marketing, innovation, design, customer experience, consumer insights, HR and training. We focus on innovation that is happening now – across markets, disciplines and sectors. We cover digital, physical and technological.

the event

The event featured an informative talk from guest speaker Kate Ancketill, Chief Executive at GDR Creative Intelligence on how technology was being used in exciting new and innovative ways across all industries, and what to expect in the future.

After the talk, guests were able to try out the technology themselves to really get an understanding of its potential.

the response from the hosts

“We had some great feedback from our guests.  The GDR presentation tied in nicely with the demo studio and everyone was very joined up. Our guests seemed to be interested in hearing about and then trying out technology that they may have heard about but never seen and also some were quite surprised at how advanced a lot of the technology is.  A lot of people mentioned that it did not feel like a corporate event which is exactly the feeling we wanted.  The attendees tend to get invited to a lot of events so it was great that we were able to offer them something different.

The INITION team were great and seemed to have endless patience when it came to explaining and demonstrating the installations.  Their passion really came through. We enjoyed partnering with INITION and would certainly look for other opportunities to do so in the future.” – Christina Starkey, Retail & Consumer Practice Consultant at Odgers Berndtson

We enjoyed partnering with INITION and would certainly look for other opportunities to do so in the future.

comment from inition

“Odgers Berndtson are the forefront of executive talent search and valuable businesses rely on valuable people. We need to make sure that we can source good talent to keep ahead of the competition.

In the case of GDR Creative, it’s about valuable information. They are a think tank at the forefront of the innovation especially in retail. They cut through the complexity of strategic decisions while we tame the complexity of the advanced technologies that fuel some of those decisions. A good synergy.

The two bring people together in an informal but instructive environment. Partnerships are a strong competitive edge in a world where diversity and choice is overwhelming and we find it important to build the network.” – Adrian Leu, Managing Director

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