Case Study:

BP: The Journey of Oil Virtual Reality Experience


INITION worked with the fuel marketing team at BP to produce their first virtual reality experience using the Samsung Gear VR. The experience allowed BP’s stakeholders to take a journey following the oil from exploration through extraction to the end client.

key data

Who: BP
What: A virtual reality experience showing BP oil’s journey
Tech: Samsung Gear VR

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the project

The experience takes the viewer across vast areas of land and deep under the sea, narrating the key benefits of BP’s processes in order to maximise efficiency in terms of current processes of oil extraction and also as they evolve in the future.

BP aimed to explain complex scientific and technical details in a visually attractive manner. Going beyond statistics and data, the virtual reality experience shows viewers what they would not usually see: the incredible work happening in remote locations over land and sea. By bringing the story of the journey to life, BP is able to connect the audience with the brand and resonate the company’s message.

This experience was shown by BP in many different countries across the globe.


feedback from bp

“For a while now we have tried to improve our physical ‘reality’ showcases/exhibitions by making them more immersive. VR provided the ideal way to deliver an immersive experience that is in a highly transportable and re-useable form.

The best thing about the virtual reality film is that almost 100% of our audience spend the whole time in the experience. This ensures that all of our message is communicated; a rare thing nowadays in today’s busy world of advertising and communication.  

The reception from the experience was fantastic. “Wow that was amazing” is by far and away the first phrase uttered, which says it all really.

Working with INITION was excellent. The quality of the VR experience created was one of the best out there. Really great people to work with too: professional, fun and will go above and beyond to ensure the very best quality end result.” – Chris Sedgwick, BP

using virtual reality ensures that all of our message is communicated; a rare thing nowadays in today’s busy world of advertising and communication.

comments from inition

For this project, the importance of the expertise of BP cannot be understated. We relied upon their knowledge from a technical perspective in order to craft a narrative that would be both engaging and informative. – Jay Short, New Business & Sales Director