Quick Facts

  • What: Our fantastic Demo Studio, home to our interactive installations, endless 3D printed models and all the latest and greatest emerging tech.
  • When: Began over 13 years ago when INITION was founded
  • Where: Curtain Road, Shoreditch, a few minutes’ walk from London’s Old Street, Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High Street stations.
  • Why: Our Demo Studio provides a unique space in which visitors can engage with and experience the latest tech and experiential projects from INITION
  • Size: 2,000sq ft

Capacity: Typical group sizes are 5-15, though max capacity for events is 60 people



We hold regular group and one-on-one demonstrations for agencies and clients who are either, equipped with a brief and seeking inspiration their next project, or who are interested in engaging with unique, futuristic technologies. Our Demo Studio enables us to showcase the in-house facilities and tools we have at our disposal, whilst our specialist team are on-hand to explain the creative and technical process that underpins each installation or project.

After all, technology is a fast-paced, ever-changing beast and we believe it’s our ability to sniff out the next big thing that has been crucial to our success. From virtual and augmented reality installations and futuristic displays through to 3D scanning, 3D printing, motion capture & tracking, full-body interfaces, motion bases, and haptic and gestural interactives – all available in our Demo Studio to try.

If you have a specific project you would like to discuss or like to arrange a demo for you or your team, contact INITION to discuss your visit.

Extraordinary Technology

As the UK’s leading independent consultants and resellers of 3D technology, our Demo Studio showcases the latest tools and tech from some of the most innovative companies on the planet – such as 3D Systems, NaturalPoint, zSpace, Ascension, Artec, Oculus VR, Polhemus, RealFiction, Alioscopy, Dimenco, Planar.

Extraordinary Experiences

We’ve worked with clients from a range of industries including: property, healthcare, oil and gas, automotive, architecture, fashion and retail, producing ground-breaking creative installations including our:

All of which are available to experience for yourself in our Demo Studio.  



With a 60 person capacity and some of the best audio visual displays available, our Demo Studio is the perfect location for product launches, showcases, talks and presentations, workshops and inspiring ‘away day’ company brainstorming sessions.

If you’re looking to host your next work event in a unique space with a difference, look no further than our innovative Demo Studio. Get in contact to discuss further or to arrange a viewing.