INITION Event: Innovations in Healthcare Communications


Explore the ever-changing world of healthcare communications’ technology with INITION

The way we consume information has changed drastically over the past ten years thanks, in large part, to the constant improvements in communications channels and platforms but also to an increasingly tech-savvy population.

The impact has extended beyond the public to the commercial, with the healthcare industry particularly notable for its quick uptake of emerging technologies, specifically within the experiential market.

Quick bits

WHO: Inition
WHAT: Private tours for healthcare and pharma industry reps, followed by an open evening showcase
WHERE: Our Demo Studio, Shoreditch
WHEN: September 22 – 24

Although these developments have certainly been implemented inside the operating theatre – from virtual reality anaesthesia to 3D printed vertebrae – so too have they affected change within the area of healthcare promotion and communications.

From 22nd to 24th September Inition is hosting an experiential showcase, ‘Innovations in Healthcare Communications‘, which will collate some of our most forward-thinking projects currently being deployed at international healthcare conferences, promotional demonstrations and in rehabilitation and training centres.


We are inviting select organisations from within the healthcare sector to explore our demo studio as part of a private tour led by an experienced member of the Inition team.  On show will be a wide range of existing projects and new technologies with a special emphasis on heathcare related projects including some of most recent augmented and virtual reality work.

Attendees will be able to:

  • Step into the shoes of a patient with a virtual reality doctor/patient empathy experience
  • Visualise and bring to life mode-of-action with augmented reality
  • Use your whole body in our ambient and gesture-based interactives
  • Learn how virtual touch devices can simulate injecting a patient with force-feedback haptics

With over a decade of experience using the latest technologies to create innovative installation-based experiences, the Inition demo studio is an environment rich in potential for innovation, creativity and insight.

To attend the evening showcase or to reserve your private session get in touch with Kathy Boyce – 0207 377 2949.