Case Study:

Sir Roger Gifford & SEB explore the Demo Studio…


who are seb?

SEB Bank, or Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, is a Swedish financial group for corporate customers, institutions and private individuals with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

key data

Who: SEB Bank & Sir Roger Gifford
What: A Video Interview
Where: INITION’s Demo Studio

the interview

For their annual Financial Summit in Stockholm, Sweden, SEB bank looked to showcase the best technology currently available to around 150 top CFO’s and CEO’s from leading European countries. The theme for the summit was “Transforming Technologies”.

Minnesota Communications in Stockholm, representing SEB, approached INITION to film Sir Roger Gifford, UK Head of SEB, experiencing some of the most exciting technologies we had to offer. The video interview would be shown at the Financial Summit.

Jay Short at INITION welcomed Sir Roger Gifford into the demo studio to try out the experiences including the wingsuit for the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. The two discussed the areas where the technology was being used and the potential uses for the technology in the future.

feedback after the visit

Visiting the demo studio was a great experience. We were very well met at the reception, and in the e-mail conversations prior the filming. We had the chance to visit INITION both the day before the filming and at the actual filming day. Which helped us a lot for the planning of the filming and the actual execution.

The film gave added value to the financial summit event, showing that SEB actually is out in the reality and being a curious bank, seeking for new innovations! When showing attendees at the event, it gave some extra energy and fun to the conference.

Working with INITION was a great experience, everyone was very friendly, fast in replies on e-mail. Jay took a great amount of time for the filming and showing us around. – Anna Lundhal, Minnesota Communications (representing SEB)

comment from inition

INITION are always enthusiastic in talking about the potential uses for the technologies that we work with. By working with high profile figures such as Sir Roger, it helps to spread the word about the benefits of these technologies and hopefully to inspire others to consider how we may be able to add value to the ways that their businesses work.

The engagement factor of these technologies are impossible to fully comprehend without actually experiencing them. In order for the likes of virtual and augmented reality to become a tool used by businesses not only for marketing purposes, but also as part of their future workflows, they need to be experienced, not just watched or read about. – Jay Short, New Business & Sales Director 

INITION are always enthusiastic in talking about the potential uses for the technologies that we work with.