OPPLive: Inition Brings AR and VR to Property Marketing Show


On November 27th and 28th, Inition will be exhibiting several augmented and virtual reality applications designed to market property developments at OPPLive’s 8th show at the Excel in London.

Better than traditional fixed models, AR and VR cost effectively transforms property marketing with live updates, rich interactivity, 24/7 access and global reach.

Bespoke, easy to use 3D property presentations have proven to highly popular with potential buyers and increasingly of interest to developers looking for a more engaging way to market their properties.

“It is the perfect fit for property marketing. When you are asking people to make the biggest financial decision of their lives, the more informed they are, the better equipped they are at forming a judgement.” said Stuart Cupit, Technical Director at Inition.

One of the applications to be on display was created for the Swiss Development Group to market a 67 million Euro luxury penthouse. Potential buyers can naturally explore many facets of the building, simply by moving an iPad around a specially encoded floor plan. Tracking software makes the iPad screen effectively become a window to a mixed virtual/real world.”

Cupit said: “It’s like a sales and marketing suite only this one is more interactive, can be updated in real-time and is obviously highly portable. Just as you would in a physical environment, you move closer to see greater detail, walk around to see different angles and select what you are most interested in.”

He continued: “Anybody with a downloadable marker and the app can experience this, regardless of the time of day or what country they reside in.”

Also on show will be a concept that combines AR with 3D printing. Engineering project build management firm Drees & Sommer wanted a concept piece that showed how mechanical, plumbing and structural data could be explored in a more intuitive engaging way. Inition 3D printed a model of the Arboleda building in Santo Dominican Republic and then developed an AR app that realistically overlaid various visuals onto the façade of the building so people could gain a greater understanding of the internal structure, floor-by-floor, using a simple touchscreen interface.

Virtual Reality –  the Next Big Thing in Property Marketing?


But this is just the start, and OPPLive delegates will get a flavour of possibly the next big thing in property marketing – virtual reality. This immersive technology takes customers beyond anything they’ve seen before and gives them a truer feel of what it would be inside a building that has not even been built yet.

Virtual and augmented reality is often associated with entertainment but property marketing is already embedded in the 3D world. If that world can be presented in an easy, more data driven way, it can become a big beneficiary of this fast moving technology.