Case Study:

Augmented Reality for Givaudan Perfume


The Brief

To create an augmented reality campaign for leading international perfumery Givaudan.

Solution and Results

Working with Amigo, Inition produced an augmented reality 3D piece to showcase their perfume and the main ingredients that go into creating their unique fragrances. The campaign was shown on a large screen at Givaudan’s perfume symposium in Cannes.

The participant holds up their invitation card to the webcam to start the interaction. A perfume bottle appears and the lid pops off to reveal a misty aroma followed by four of the main perfume ingredients: Mimosa, Bergamot, Iris & Jasmin. The ingredients then circle the bottle to demonstrate how the fragrance is created and then fall back into the bottle to form the key notes of the perfume. The bottle fades out to reveal Givaudan’s animated logo and strap line “Givaudan – Engaging the Senses”.