The Brief

To help make a high-impact 3D promotional film demonstrating the speed, power and agility of boxer Amir Khan. We were approached by production company Can Communicate, with whom we had previously collaborated on the World Cup in Berlin in 2006 to help with the stereoscopic supervision of this film. The client wanted in-your-face 3D to give the audience an eye-watering 3D experience demonstrating what it is like to face Amir Khan in the ring.


Inition provided a stereographer (Andy Millns) for the shoot, post-production supervision and 3D projection for the event which was held at London’s National Film Theatre in 2007 to an audience of press and media to relaunch Amir’s deal with Reebok.

Inition's Andy Millns and Charlie Perera with Amir after the screening.


The reaction was fantastic and secured coverage in the national press.

In a interview with The Sun, Amir said: “The way they did it was brilliant…If anyone wants to fight me, just look at that. I’m looking at it and thinking ‘if I was fighting Amir Khan, what would I do?’, and I looked at it and thought ‘forget this!’.”

The Guardian commented: “The clip duly finishes with a giant Khan repeatedly punching a theatre full of journalists in the face. Which is indeed cool and different.”