Case Study:

Redesigning our Demo Studio using 3D Printing


Quick Facts:


Everyone loves a bit of change from time to time, even us. As such, we’ve been internally discussing rearranging our underground Demo Studio for some time to more effectively utilise the great space and better display our amazing range of in-house technologies and projects.

But, after looking at paper plans and drawing up potential new layouts, we were sure there was a better way for it to be done. Which is where our 3D printing brain trust stepped in..

  • 3d printed demo studio miniature inition london technology


Modelling the studio from 2D architectural plans to scale and 3D scanning most of our tech assets in situ, our 3D printing team, comprised of Jay and Eugene, produced a digital recreation of our Demo Studio before 3D printing it overnight on our ProJet660Pro printer.

The space was entirely recreated in true-to-life miniature, movable pieces in a high level of detail – every piece, product and project was captured and included.


The resulting model has been used to great effect, enabling us to, not only visualise the redevelopment of our Demo Studio space on a permanent basis, but also as a discussion tool when organising our regular Demo Studio events.

  • 3d printed miniature demo studio inition london technology