The 12 Way Mirror Project


QUICK BITS: Title: 12 Way Mirror Type: Interactive Installation Designer: Lida Theodorou Installation Location: Playn eyewear at Boxpark pop-up mall, Shoreditch Dates: 25th-26th July and again on the 1st-2nd August 2014 between 11am and 7pm. I

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‘Taking the Leap’ into the World of Retail Technology


Convenience and customization appear to be the touchstones of a successful consumer retail experience, if GDR Creative Intelligence’s research is anything to go by.    Joining us, along with Spayne Lindsay & Co, was GDR’s Meredith

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INITION’s Pick: 2015’s Tech Trends


2015 - the year Marty McFly flies to in Back to the Future - is officially here. Although consumer hoverboards and self-lacing sneakers aren’t quite within reach yet, what else might this year, the most futuristic of years as imagined in the 80s, a

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Westfield Future Fashion:Interactive VR & Motion Tracking


INITION was approached by Portas Agency to produce a forward-thinking virtual reality experience to promote the launch of Westfield’s Future Fashion event - two weekends featuring cutting-edge technology combined with the upcoming season’s hottest trends: floral, denim and future modern.

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