Case Study:

Interactive Augmented Reality Business Presentation for KellyOCG


The Brief

KellyOCG, a global leader in innovation talent management solutions, commissioned Inition to create an interactive presentation demonstrating their business model.

Our Solution

Inition used its latest augmented reality research and development work to create a unique execution featuring a 3D cityscape with interactive information overlaid.

Using a tablet such as an iPad or Android device, the user simply points the camera at the printed marker to reveal the 3D CGI landscape, also developed by Inition. The interactive content depicts different types of business scenarios and shows the flow of information from the agency’s office branches to the homes of individual job seekers. The application demonstrates that for each business scenario, Kelly OCG delivers cost effective recruitment whilst ensuring a vibrant talent supply across both traditional and freelance work styles.

The Results

The augmented reality presentation is being used by KellyOCG sales teams and at external trade shows and industry events such as the CWS Summit which they sponsored last month. The augmented reality application generated a real buzz at the Summit, and attracted and engaged attendees in the AR experience whilst informing them about the company and their business practices.