Case Study:

Interactive Augmented Reality Experience for Hitachi


Hitachi wanted to debut an engaging, mobile experience that would emphasise the company’s value of business-to-social engagement whilst embodying Hitachi’s slogan, ‘inspire the next’.


Quick Facts

  • Who: Shelton Fleming for Hitachi
  • What: Interactive augmented reality experience combined with a physical globe/plinth
  • Where: Hitachi events in Istanbul and Warsaw
  • Tech: AR app, iPad


For Hitachi’s two major events in Istanbul and Warsaw, INITION worked with Shelton Fleming to produce an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience that would promote Hitachi’s past and present endeavors, whilst embodying and conveying the company’s values and ethos and its core principle that ‘social innovation is the future’.

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INITION developed an AR app which, when used in conjunction with a seemingly inconspicuous glass globe atop a printed marker, would illicit engaging visuals highlighting the primary focus areas of the Hitachi Group’s business activities: power, healthcare and transport.

Employees at the events were encouraged to interact with the app and engage with the content, which was built around Hitachi’s accomplishments and strategies within their focus realm of ‘social innovation’.


The experience debuted at the live events with a positive reception, whilst the app and marker were made available for international employees from Hitachi offices around the globe to access. Hitachi was so thrilled with this concept and its outcome that INITION was asked to reappropriate and upgrade this model for future events.

Whilst AR is already used within many sectors to increase content engagement, many companies are still facing the same difficulty as Hitachi: How can a company communicate information to its own employees in a positive and interactive way?

This projects is exemplary of the potential of AR technology to convey static information in an engaging and interactive way.