Product Overview

Alioscopy display glasses-free 3D displays (auto-stereoscopic 3D screens) show three-dimensional images instantly, without requiring specific eyewear. The sensation of depth is natural and immediate: it amazes, captivates the audience and retains their attention. Out-of-Home communication can now use the striking impact of 3D, for digital signage, advertising, marketing or special events. 3D also enhances the understanding of complex data and professional imaging can now benefit from the same technology.


Alioscopy has three display ranges:

The LV range (Long View) consists of displays that can be seen from far away and producing a broad 3D sensation. They are generally intended for digital display purposes in public premises.

The SV range (Short View) consists of displays ideally seen from closer by. They create a more intimate relationship with the image. When showing identical content, SV displays will produce a milder 3D sensation than LV displays of equivalent size. This is a psychophysiological effect. In order to recover the sensation offered by the LV range, all it takes is to create content with a larger stereo base.SV displays come in classic 8 viewpoints models, but also in 5 viewpoints models. The later can display sharper images because the resolution per viewpoint is higher. There is a trade-off though and the number of users who can watch the displays simultaneously is reduced. They are commonly used in professional real-time 3D imaging applications, where sharpness is of the essence (medical, CAD). The virtual camera model is calibrated to fulfill an orthoscopic sensation.

The SW range (Short View double base) also consists of displays ideally seen from closer by, but unlike the SV range, the optical components produce a 3D sensation analog to LV displays of matching size. To achieve this, the lenses have been modified to present images to the eyes not belonging to adjacent viewpoints, as is usually the case, but skipping one viewpoint in between. It is no longer necessary to change the camera model, which matches the one designed for LV displays. Consequently, the angle of continuous 3D (sweet-spot) is twice narrower. These displays are very convenient for graphic designers, since they reproduce the same 3D sensation as on the displays belonging to the LV range.


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