Inition Interactives Open Day November 2010

You are warmly invited to visit our central London studios for Inition Interactives’ annual open days on 23rd to 25th November 2010, where we will be demonstrating some remarkable developments in interactive 3D production and technology. We will be showcasing the technologies below which have been developed and deployed by our Interactives team.

Throughout the open days you will be able to experience several of our products and services including:


Interactive audience participation is a collection of products and software services developed by Inition that allows members of an audience, large or small, to interact and engage with a variety of experiences utilising motion and colour recognition as well as sound detection.


Augmented Reality (AR) adds real-time computer graphics to a live video feed and tracks movement using inexpensive printed markers. Inition’s own software MagicSymbol has become a proven, award-winning solution for presentations, productions and promotions.


Our sister company Holition has been established to specialise in the development of retail applications for AR. Luxury brands such as Tissot, De Beers and Tag Heuer have been joined by exclusive high-end jewellers Boucheron in making the augmented leap into the future of retail in the design of web-based applications that allow users to virtually try on products such as watches and rings from the comfort of their own homes.


Experience the magic of AR without the need for symbols! Placing 3D graphics onto a user’s face or head allows for a variety of unique interactive experiences seen live and/or recorded for later viewing.


Inition Interactives have taken the concept of a multi-touch table and extended it into the 3rd dimension. Stereoscopic 3D objects appear to float out of the table adjusting their position as the viewer looks around and grasps them from mid air. You may have seen the Johnny Lee video on YouTube. We can do this, but in holographic-like stereoscopic 3D.


We will be showing examples of high quality 2D to 3D conversion including our award-winning work for Cadbury.


We have a wide range of the latest 3D TVs and professional displays available to see in our demo studio. Inition offer an unrivalled range of stereo viewing solutions and content suitable for a single viewer to hundreds.


This is a major opportunity to see some of the latest holographic displays and talk to our experts about how to take advantage of their amazing pulling power to benefit your business. As 3D displays become common-place, holographic displays will provide the wow-factor many clients are looking for.


Explore the sense of touch. We will be revealing some of our work using force feedback devices, including a virtual Botox injector!


We look forward to your visit!