Case Study:

Vodafone 4G: Taking AR on the Road


Vodafone wanted a mobile, interactive installation to form the centerpiece of their in-store/roadshow promoting the launch of their new 4G service.


Quick Facts

  • Who: Out of the Blue Productions for Vodafone
  • What: An augmented reality / 3D printed interactive experience
  • Where: Roadshow/in-store
  • Tech: AR app, iPad, 3D printing


To promote Vodafone’s new 4G service, Marketing Agency OOTB Productions commissioned INITION to execute an interactive piece that illustrated how the ultrafast technology can enhance people’s mobile lives in 4G. A roadshow format was chosen as well as longer term in-store installations.


Inition created one of the largest model based augmented reality experiences ever based on a promotional video called Bringing Entertainment to Life.

When viewed through the supplied tablets, the grey cityscape was transformed into a colourful 3D vibrant metropolis where several animated scenarios played out, highlighting how sports, movies and music can be enjoyed on the move.

Fast moving Vodafone branded light trails snaked around the streets, guiding the user to three trigger points each signifying Spotify, Sky Sports Mobile and TV with vignettes that express the notion of ‘losing one’s self in the moment’.


“The Vodafone 4G tour allowed people to have an amazing augmented reality experience that brings to life the fantastic benefits of the Vodafone 4G offering,” says Helen Cullen from Vodafone.

She continued: “The use of AR combined with physical objects is pioneering stuff.  In fact the team behind the tour reckon it’s one of the largest AR experiences ever done. It’s certainly the biggest they’ve ever built.”

“The 4G cityscape is both complex and challenging, but we’ve been able to create realistic looking vehicles and people to really bring the city itself to life. We think it does a great job of bringing 4G to life.”