Case Study:

Cisco: Rhino Conservation in Augmented Reality



For Cisco’s annual Global Sales Experience event in Las Vegas, experiential marketing agency George P. Johnson was searching for an innovative means to raise awareness of the company’s rhino conservation initiatives in South Africa.

As part of their ‘Connected Conservation’ campaign, Cisco, along with their global business partner Dimension Data, has been utilising sophisticated technologies in digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud and cybersecurity for their conservation work.

The brief was to use Augmented Reality to emotionally connect the event audience with the disappearance of one of the world’s most unique species.


INITION partnered with both companies to offer an innovative marketing solution to meet their high expectations. Using a large grasslands-themed floor marker, INITION implemented augmented reality technology where a user would hover an iPad over the marker to see life-size 3D rhino models interacting with their virtual grassland environment. As the user walks around the space to experience the rhinos, they begin to disappear from the screen one by one. The experience culminated with a message on the augmented reality screen: ‘Is this the only way you want future generations to see a rhino?’.



Suzanne Hanson, Senior Creative Director at GPJ Experience Marketing explained how the company is always trying to push the boundaries with the types of activations we are creating and immersive technology enables this. “This project called attention not only to the technology used in telling the story, but also made a much bigger impact than watching a video or looking at a poster. The response was overwhelmingly positive. It was a powerful and mentioned during the keynote speech. Since the activation was linked to a badge scan, participants were sent an email that gave them more information on how they could help the Connected Conservation project.”

On working with INITION, Suzanne was impressed by the support from the team. “INITION was great. I worked closely with Stuart Cupit and he was able to deliver initial working models and revisions quickly. The entire project transpired in basically 5 weeks! Having someone from the INITION team onsite to assist with the initial setup was crucial.”


  • Marker-based augmented reality
  • Using augmented reality for awareness raising