3d artist’s Larissa Mori sat front row at a fashion show and experienced a hypoglycaemic attack all in an AFTERNOON’S visit..

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting 3D Artist Magazine’s Larissa Mori at our Demo Studio where we gave her a taste of a few of our virtual reality experiences.

Of particular interest to Mori was our Topshop Virtual Reality Catwalk Experience which debuted at last year’s London Fashion Week, and the Hyposim hypoglycaemia simulator that we developed in partnership with Ogilvy DigitalHealth. Although worlds apart in terms of their content, both of the award-winning projects use the same cutting edge virtual reality technology which enable fully immersive multi-sensory user experiences. Where else but our demo studio could you experience a simulated hypoglycaemic attack, followed by a front-row ticket to Fashion Week’s hottest show?

Novelty aside, the two projects are perfect examples of the hugely diverse capability of virtual reality technology – especially with the latest Oculus Rift VR headset advancing the area in leaps and bounds.

Mori notes in the article that “there’s a big change coming to the way we experience not just entertainment but society” and we can’t help but agree.

Check out the latest issue of 3D Artist Magazine to read the full article!

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