Another week & another wave of amazing, awe-inspiring, funny, creative, intellectual and ingenious developments in the tech industry.

It’s weeks like these – when the news is absolutely jam-packed with the most mixed-bag lot of stories from across the globe – that you realise just what exciting times we live in.

Look at the 3D printed saxophone, for instance. It’s an instrument. That was printed. From a printer. An actual functioning instrument you can play, no less! Our grandparents’ minds would surely be blown.

But wonderment aside, it was also a very exciting week for Inition as we got our minor celebrity on via a couple of magazine features and a mention in a podcast. 100 points to Gryff– Inition, I mean.


  • We’re hiring! If you’re a 3D Printing Technician and you want to join our team, apply here 
  • Ryan Pulliam – CMO for Specular Theory – has a great podcast on Voices of VR discussing VR storytelling for brands and marketing. Our fantastic Topshop virtual reality catwalk experience gets a mention, too!
  • Put it in your diaries: the next Inition VR London Meetup is scheduled for 28th August
  • Our fantastic Fire Eater VR experience is still touring! This time at the FEAST festival at Tobacco Dock
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  • This month we’ve been featured in 3D Artist Magazine and Stuff Magazine – we’re beginning to fancy ourselves minor celebrities





  • A very cool helmet called The Decelerator slows everything right down to sloth-style speeds