Recently Tom Wiggins from stuff magazine came to talk to Inition’s Andy Millns about the current state of virtual reality, and where it’s headed in the future.

With the Oculus Rift DK2 headset all the rage at the moment, and other major contenders Sony and Samsung not far behind with their own prototypes, virtual reality is on the verge of hitting the mainstream in a big way. Though, given the many futile attempts to launch the technology in the past, sceptics might be forgiven for viewing this latest revival as just another attempt to kickstart the seemingly impossible.

Inition founder Andy Millns however, sees the Rift – and others of its ilk – as the real deal. Discussing potential applications for the technology, particularly outside of the gaming sector, Millns foresees endless possibilities. From virtual reality cinema (“cinema 1.5”) to revolutionising commercial flying, he thinks virtual reality is here to stay.

Stuff Magazine’s Wiggins definitely did his research, with the article featuring a comprehensive timeline of the history of virtual reality thus far, along with a rundown of the current challengers in the VR space. stuff magazine virtual reality

In addition to Millns, also featured in the article were Aldin Dynamics’ Hrafn Thorri Thórrison and Gunnar Steinn Valgardsson, Jaunt’s Scott Broock, Survios’ James Illif and Oculus VR’s Nate Mitchell.

A great read (even if we do say so ourselves) – buy the latest issue of Stuff Magazine to read the article in its entirety!