December 11 marked INITION’s final VR Meetup of the year — and it went off with a bang.

Festive carols filled the air, along with the excited chatter of our guest presenters, VR Meetup stalwarts and bright-eyed newcomers as our Demo Studio reached near-capacity.


In addition to our skydiving wingsuit experience, we also debuted our InitionVille driving experience (complete with steering wheel and pedals) which very clearly sorted the speed demons from the more reserved drivers in the crowd.

Just days after its official US-launch, VISUALISE, Triangular Pixel and RewindFX were on hand to demo the brand-new Samsung Gear VR headset.

Tech-wise, we had our friends at WizDish in with their Pac-Man experience, whilst Henry Hoffman, Matt Parker and Daniel Wiedemann all came equipped with their hugely diverse Leap Motion experiences.

Following their demo at our meetup, the guys from Crystal Rift were celebrating their Kickstarter campaign succeeding its original goal for their immersive virtual reality game.

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Mark Farid and the group behind the Seeing I project were also in to discuss their respective kickstarter campaign and the philosophy behind their 28-days-in-virtual-reality project.

Dan Page dropped by to promote the upcoming Bristol-based SouthWest VR event, whilst Edward Miller showed his impressive 360 degree video from the recent Hong Kong protests.

Until 2015, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!