We’ve had a very busy week. In addition to hosting our latest London VR Meetup, we also put the finishing touches on a brand-new interactive retail experience to launch Diesel’s new men’s fragrance and released the details of next month’s Innovations in Healthcare Communications event.

In other non-Inition news, it turns out Sir David Attenborough loves Australia’s Great Barrier Reef (in 3D), some very talented fashion designers are using 3D printing to the wonderment of – going to be bold here – the entire world, and some lovely older individuals got to try the Oculus Rift for the first time (cute alert).


Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

  • Scientists have created a virtual child (called, creepily, Baby X) which could help us understand human behavioural learning
  • Selling houses in the modern world: how virtual and augmented reality could fundamentally change the property market in the future
  • “I Almost Wept In Ford Australia’s New, High-Tech Visualisation Lab” umm, alright mate.

3D Stuff

  • An Israeli university student is doing some astonishingly cool things with 3D printing and fashion
  • And in the latest weird east London cafe news: there’s now a cafe where you can 3D print whilst you’re sipping on your Earl Grey because… technology (and hipsters).
  • Sir David Attenborough loves Australia’s Great Barrier Reef so much he wants to do a 3D series on it
  • Apparently medical implants and printable body parts will drive future 3D market growth
  • I hope 3D cakes are as delicious as regular cakes
  • 3D printed, custom objects can potentially help the blind to ‘see’ via tactile learning
  • Remember that guy that 3D printed a castle in his backyard? Yeah, now he wants to build an entire house – but will it be castle-themed?
  • Aston Martin have a new car, but you won’t see it in showrooms – this one’s only for Gran Turismo
  • And here’s some more amazing 3D printed fashion, fresh from a Russian catwalk show
  • Those cute IKEA catalogue room set-ups are most likely not photos but rather 3D renders and CGI images. Whaaaaat!
  • Can you perfect the already perfect? 3D printing + ice-cream