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Tetris Crowd Game World Record at Gadget Show Live


INITION teamed up with our long-time collaborators at The Gadget Show to produce a one-of-a-kind crowd game spectacular.


The Brief

The Gadget Show and North One TV, commissioned INITION to create a show-stopping, interactive experience for the 4,000 or so guests of The Gadget Show Live electronics event inside the impressive Birmingham indoor arena of April this year.

INITION on The Gadget Show – 1 December, 2014


Using open-source software and motion/audio tracking technology, INITION developed an interactive experience that would invite audience members to participate in a one-of-a-kind Tetris challenge: to set the Guiness World Record for the quickest line to be cleared in Tetris by a team.

The crowd was encouraged to perform simple movements in unison to direct the Tetris pieces; a lean to the right or the left moved the piece in the respective direction, a Mexican wave caused it to rotate and a clap made it fall. Each team had dedicated cameras to recognize and analyze the movements and relate it back to the live Tetris game being displayed on the big screen.


The event was an immense success and achieved the official Guinness World Record for the quickest line to be cleared in Tetris by a team – the second Guinness World Record achieved at a Gadget Show Live event for a Tetris game.

Although not an easy task to coordinate the 4,000 audience members to move in unison, the experience was executed brilliantly and was the most popular experience at the event.

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