Inition Brings Mass Interaction to the Gadget Show Live


Inition has successfully contributed half of the software and technology to allow the audience of the UK’s biggest consumer electronics show to interact with the Gadget Show presenters on stage. The organisers asked Inition to develop three new high tech technologies that would give the audience an unforgettable participatory experience on the back of a successful collaboration for a previous Gadget Show TV challenge.

The audience got the opportunity to see the portable LILA lightbox as used in a previous Gadget Show challenge to drive a live avatar of Suzi Perry who presented an episode the show from hundreds of miles away . To demo the marker-less credentials of the LILA system, Jason stepped in to the holodeck style cube and mimed a strip tease. As the fourteen cameras translated Jason’s awkward moves, the audience watched Suzi’s avatar strip to a wireframe model on two giant screens.

When referring to the LILA system, Gadget show veteran presenter Suzi Perry even said that during seven years of The Gadget Show, “it’s been the test technology they have ever tested”.

Mass Drone Gaming

Thousands of audience members participated in mass drone gaming via audience motion capture. Split into two groups, the audience used the volume of their voices and the motion of their arms to steer a real flying helicopter towards a circle on a giant LED screen.

Large Scale Voting Quick as a Flash

Inition technicians invented an entirely new speedy way to register audience votes via mobile phone technology. When asked to decide which pop star impression they preferred – Ortis Deley or Pollyanna Woodward’s Lady Gaga, each person was invited to hold up their camera phone and register their preference by taking a photo with the flash activated. Three webcams registered every single flash with pin point accuracy which was then counted by Inition developed software within a few seconds.

The finals votes were revealed on the April 18th episode of The Gadget Show on channel 5.