Inition Powers World’s First Virtual Presenter Face-Off


Inition worked with The Gadget Show to create and drive an avatar of the show’s presenter Suzi Perry using markerless motion capture in the world’s first virtual presenter face-off.

Suzi Perry was tracked live at Inition’s central London showroom with our LILA markerl-ess motion capture system and the data was streamed over the Internet to drive Suzi’s avatar in real time in the Gadget Show’s Birmingham television studio.

Jason Bradbury went up against a virtual Suzi as a robotic version of himself, and both presenters were controlled live from hundreds of miles away in opposite directions, all brought together and filmed in real time by the talented teams behind the Gadget Show and Inition. Using Inition’s LILA system; a mobile markerless tracking system based on Organic Motion software and hardware, 14 cameras were used to track Suzi’s movements. Her avatar reacted in real time to the robot and presenters in the TV studio, allowing Suzi to present the show without physically being there. LILA’s additional features allowed Suzi’s voice to be recognised and drive accurate mouth movements for the avatar in real time.

In the climactic battle, Suzi and Inition pulled out all the stops to ace a convincing win over their animatronic adversary at 16 – 12!