Future of 3D Printing: #1 – Scan, Print, Explode!


For our first 'Future of 3D' project we decided to have some 3D fun with Shannon's head to celebrate our 10th Birthday and the launch of our 'Future of 3D' series. The 'Future of 3D' series is about exploring the boundaries of future 3D technology through non-commercial creative projects

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Future of 3D: #2 – Sketch, Sculpt, Print!


As part of Inition’s “Future of 3D” series, our 3D printing team agreed to work with BA design student Kristin Katzer from the London College of Communication to realise a packaging design for fruits.

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Tech Fashion Week/s, Future Health Comms & 3D Cars


Ralph Lauren gets holographic at New York Tech.. uh, Fashion Week, we open our doors to the healthcare industry & Le Mans joins the 3D printing race. Not a week goes by without hearing about one industry or another pushing the boundaries and ca

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Westfield Future Fashion:Interactive VR & Motion Tracking


INITION was approached by Portas Agency to produce a forward-thinking virtual reality experience to promote the launch of Westfield’s Future Fashion event - two weekends featuring cutting-edge technology combined with the upcoming season’s hottest trends: floral, denim and future modern.

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A VR Meetup, Future Cruises & 3D Fashion


We’ve had a very busy week. In addition to hosting our latest London VR Meetup, we also put the finishing touches on a brand-new interactive retail experience to launch Diesel’s new men’s fragrance and released the details of next month’s Inn

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