For our first ‘Future of 3D’ project we decided to have some 3D fun with Shannon’s head to celebrate our 10th Birthday and the launch of our ‘Future of 3D’ series.  This project combined a wide range of our skills and 3D technologies. But mainly we enjoyed it because it involved blowing stuff up! If you’re interested in finding out more, make sure you watch the video below. Some of the kit we used:  ZPrinter 450, Mephisto EX Scanner, Phantom/Quasar 3D Stereoscopic Filming Rig.

We’d like to point out that no Shannons were harmed in this project, although strangely enough he had a slight headache afterwards.

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About our ‘Future of 3D’ series

The ‘Future of 3D’ series is about exploring the boundaries of future 3D technology through non-commercial creative projects. Supporting this type of work is core to Inition’s core values of developing new uses of 3D technology, supporting creativity and nurturing the passion of it’s staff and collaborators. If you have an idea for a ‘Future of 3D’ project, we’d love to hear from you.

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