Ralph Lauren gets holographic at New York Tech.. uh, Fashion Week, we open our doors to the healthcare industry & Le Mans joins the 3D printing race.

Not a week goes by without hearing about one industry or another pushing the boundaries and carving new paths in the emerging tech field.

The fashion crowd, and particular that of the British fashion industry, is especially good at adopting all the latest and greatest tech and integrating it in impressive ways into their fashion shows – as evidenced by the New York and London Fashion Weeks.

Just as the auto industry, similarly, continues its feverish uptake of the ever diversifying 3D printing craze with Le Mans officially joining the pack.

Aaaaaand, it’s been another week which means..another VR headset has made its debut – though this one requires you to strap an iPad to your face and is, thus, a little bit ridiculous looking.


  • Don’t forget we’re hosting our ‘Innovations in Healthcare Communications’ next week from September 22-24. Details on the future health comms event can be found here
  • Also, Inition consultant, James Dearsley spoke at this year’s 100% Design Festival about future tech use in marketing initiatives



    • ‘Surfing the web’ is so early 00s, these days it’s all about riding the web via a VR-enabled rollercoaster
    • Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe thinks it might take ten or so years, but VR headsets will eventually shrink to sunglass-size
    • Clearly taking cues from our VR Topshop catwalk show last year, the tech was centre stage at this year’s New York Fashion Week

  • The arguably ridiculous-looking AirVR is the latest head mounted display to launch its Kickstarter campaign (and it’s already optimised for use with the iPhone 6)
  • This VR project puts your Facebook wall .. on an actual wall
  • A young VR developer gave his dad the Oculus treatment and hilarity ensued
  • In need of a beach holiday? Marriott Hotels is letting you escape to exotic shores with their Teleporter project without leaving your city



  • Hate outdoor subway advertising? This AR app replace adverts with art. Only available in New York though, unfortunately
  • The DAQRI Smart AR Helmet could be the smartest industrial work helme yet
  • Augmented reality technology has officially moved beyond the gimmicky to the useful
  • Parliament have launched an augmented reality app to better explore London’s Westminster Hall



  • “This (mostly) 3D printed car is about to take its first ride”
  • Ceramic, chocolate, batter, wood fibre, rubber, plastics, clay and.. Play Doh – is there anything this printer can’t print with?!
  • The History of 3D Printing is older than you think (that is, if you’re under 30)
  • Le Mans are the latest automotive company to turn to 3D printing
  • “The world’s first 3D printed car took years to design, and only 44 hours to print
  • Have a smartphone and a 3D printer? Then you can fashion yourself a DIY microscope
  • Will 3D printing actually do to manufacturing what Napster did to the music industry?
  • Watch this great TED talk from 3DSystems’ CEO Avi Reichental on the history and future of 3D printing
  • MIT’s Tech Review on 3D printing and the hurdles it still has to face
  • Check out the trailer for ‘re÷belief’ – the hypnotic short film that uses 3D printing & zoetropic artistry to create a truly mesmerising experience

re÷belief [trailer] from Raymond McCarthy Bergeron on Vimeo.