Tech Blog: Exclusive Overview of the Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner


INITION is excited to announce our acquisition of the Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner in our Demo Studio. We’re the first company in the UK to get our hands on the latest in the Artec Spider range of 3D Scanners, and we couldn’t be more excited to debut the tech to our clients.

We asked our 3D Technology Consulant, Jay Short, just what makes the Space Spider 3D Scanner a great piece of tech in our latest tech blog:

Product: The Artec Space Spider 3D Scanner

By 3D Technology Consultant, Jay Short

What are the key features of the Space Spider?

The Artec Space Spider allows the portable scanning of small objects in a very high resolution. With an updated temperature optimisation system ten times faster than its predecessor, the Space Spider can capture 3D point accuracy up to 0.05mm and 3D resolution up to 0.1mm.

How does the Space Spider differ from others within the Artec Range?

The Artec Space Spider is the update to the popular Artec Spider scanner. Whereas the Artec Eva scanner is fantastic for capturing larger objects such as the human form, it struggles with the finer details of smaller objects. The Space Spider has the ability to capture objects as small as coins to a very high standard.

What are the benefits of using the Space Spider?

This scanner is a portable yet robust system that is perfect for scanning in environments where other scanners may be difficult to set up or manoeuvre. With a simple ‘plug and play’ set up, and a faster temperature optimisation system, the Artec Space Spider is ready for use within a matter of minutes. Complemented by Artec’s Studio software, the Space Spider is one of the simplest scanning systems to use with no compromise in terms of the quality of scan.

What applications is the space spider best suited for?

The Artec Space Spider is suitable for any application where the quality of scan data is important. With the ability to capture both geometry and colour data, particularly strong applications are coming from the arts and heritage sector, as well as engineers and those who work with complex components with intricate details.

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