Tech Blog: Product Overview of Planar LookThru OLED Display



Product: The LookThru OLED Display from Planar

By 3D Technology Consultant, Allan Rankin.

Product specs

The Planar LookThru OLED transparent display measures 55-inch in diagonal. It can be used in both portrait and landscape modes, can be table mounted, ceiling mounted, or built into custom fixtures using the straight flush-mount design. It can also be tiled to create large, eye-catching video wall arrays. The Planar LookThru OLED transparent display is available with optional touch screen interactivity, offering 32 simultaneous touch points.

What are the current uses of this product/technology

This is a ground breaking device allowing application in many spaces and with multi functions. Touch interactive availability and tiling means you can create truly stunning installation pieces. Build them into walls, window displays, reception areas and retail advertising. With Planar LookThru Series displays, glass can have all the benefits of interactive digital signage while allowing consumers to see the product or scenes behind the display.

  • planar lookthru OLED transparent display technology london inition
  • planar lookthru OLED transparent display technology london inition

What are the primary sectors that use this product/technology?

Planar LookThru Series displays are ideal for retail merchandising, corporate displays, museum exhibits, award or trophy cases in education or corporate settings, tradeshow exhibits and a wide range of other architectural applications.

What are the potential future development/uses of this product/technology?

As Planar continue in their development, we will see a range of sizes and thinner bezel where the electronics are housed enabling even more interesting mosaic and video wall installations.

What is the potential future competition/threats from competing products/technology?

These products will only be compared with similar types of solutions which use projected content onto surfaces. This being so the OLED technology has great benefits including scalability, low power usage, strength and unrestricted viewing angles. Current transparent displays all require backlight components to make them work, these are stand alone and really powerful in their own right.

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