Product Overview

Developed in-house at INITION, DepthCatcher works by shooting objects rotating on a turntable and multiplexing together the 8 different angles that are required for an Alioscopy lenticular 3D display. During 3D Storytelling, INITION were showing a rotating watch captured from a simple webcam on an Alioscopy screen, demoing its suitability for shop window promotion.

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What the Manufacturer Says:

The software is currently only compatible with eight-view Alioscopy displays but will shortly support Dimenco and Phillips displays. Although a natural fit for small objects, the set up is not restricted to them – anything from a single diamond to a motor vehicle in a trade show will work if a suitable turntable is used. The software allows objects to be positioned in 3D space and the amount of depth selected via an on-screen control. Inition tells us the next release will include the ability to record sequences and create playlists – a feature targetting those with large collections including museums.

3D Technical Consultant at INITION, Shannon Dowsing told 3D Focus “Previously, the costs of autostereoscopic content creation created a barrier to these types of retail installation, especially given the relatively high costs of the autostereo displays, compared to normal 2D displays. This system aims at breaking down one of those barriers by creating a system where end-users can create great looking 3D content in a matter of minutes with very little technical expertise.”.

The DepthCatcher is available now to beta users and will be sold as a software license. It is compatible with a suitable PC and any single lens USB camera. Pricing details available upon request.


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