Product Overview

The ProJet 7000 HD uses stereolithography (SLA) technology to create accurate and perfectly formed 3D printed parts and prototypes for a diverse range of industry sectors.

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What the Manufacturer Says:

Used by aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, consumer product and industrial designers, these systems offer a wide range of material choices. Materials closely match that of their traditional alternatives with ABS-like properties with the VisiJet SL Black, resistance to temperatures as high as 130oC with the VisiJet SL HiTemp, and materials that allow direct creation of casting patterns for foundries and investment casting facilities. VisiJet SL Clear is also USP Class VI certified, making it ideal for medical product manufacturing, especially in mass custom manufacturing.These printers delivery an accuracy of 0.001 – 0.002 inch per inch of part dimension and very fast printing speeds.  Each printer is delivered with the 3D Manage software that enables easy build job setup, build optimization tools, parts stacking and nesting, and job monitoring.

What Inition Says:

As part of the 3D Systems range of production machines, incorporating a large build size of up to 15 x 15 x 10 inches (380 x 380 x 250 mm), the ProJet 7000 HD is the flagship of the ProJet 7000 range. Offering the largest build plate and a wide range of materials, plus the option of XHD mode which allows the production of components with layers of up to 0.050mm. The next generation of SLA printers from 3D Systems that has the potential to give your business competitive advantage through harnessing cutting edge 3D printing technology.

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