Case Study:

3D Printed Breakfast for The Times


The Brief

The Times approached INITION to provide a glimpse into the future of how 3D printing might be used in the home. The piece was to be highly visual, with 3D printed objects in domestic settings, which would then feature on a double-page spread in their monthly magazine Eureka.

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Our Solution

Inition worked with the editorial staff to develop an idea based on a 3D-printed breakfast table setting. Inition’s 3D artists then started work on each of the pieces.

The full list of pieces included a side plate, a large plate, a cereal bowl, a coffee cup, a saucer, a milk jug, a cuttlery set, a fruit bowl, an egg cup, reading glasses, house keys complete with a Eureka branded key ring, a cafetiere, toast rack, a butter dish, a vase, a watch and a 3D printed Barbie leg!

All prints were completed within two days on our in-house ZPrinter 450 in a single colour. The photography session (art-directed by The Times) involved laying out the objects in a breakfast setting complete with cornflakes, a boiled egg, fruit, flowers and toast!

The Results

The resulting photograph was centre-page in Eureka magazine and the accompanying behind-the-scenes video is viewable below. The story about the piece was the 5th most read item on the The Times website on that day highlighting the amazing interest in this technology. 3D printing opens up a wide range of new opportunities for 3D designers and mass-customised manufacturing and Inition is very excited to be at the forefront of exploting the technology in a wide range of applications.