Virtual Reality Cinema, 3D Social Media Data & Interactive Mannequins


This week was definitely a week for tech innovation as the SIGGRAPH 2014 conference brought everyone (or at least the super smart types) out of the woodwork in Vancouver for a bit of show-and-tell. From Disney to Microsoft, to several VFX and film heavyweights, everyone was keen to share their latest developments and insights which resulted in several cool projects and products.

It was also a week of insights for Inition as we released our two-part series exploring the 3D ‘infosculpture’ and its place in the future of data interpretation and analysis. Riveting stuff, honest. But, cutting to the chase…


Here’s Sam from Decoded trying out our virtual reality wingsuit experience

Virtual Reality


Other tidbits

  • For those times you’ve looked in a window on the high street and thought “what is that item of clothing and how much does it cost” – Hawes & Curtis and House of Fraser introduce interactive mannequins
  • “This is what a data selfie looks like”