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Product: ProJet 660Pro from 3D Systems

By 3D Technology Consultant, Jay Short

What are the current uses and primary sectors that are using the ProJet 660Pro/3D Printing?

The ProJet 660Pro is a full colour 3D printer from 3D Systems primarily used for the printing of exceptional quality aesthetic models for a range of applications. This machine is one of 3D System’s flagship machines due to the diversity of its applications and has been used for a range of applications, including full colour architectural models, prints of figurines, brand giveaways and prototype engine parts.

There is really no limit to the industries that could add value through the ProJet 660Pro as it is really anyone who wants a physical representation of an object, potentially in up to 6 million colours! (see below for our gallery of incredible 3D printed colours)

What are the potential future development/uses of the ProJet 660Pro/3D Printing?

One of the most exciting things about 3D printing is that the user is really only limited by their imagination. The ProJet 660Pro incorporates CMYK full colour printing, so the user can produce beautiful models with seamless colour transition.

Complex geometries can be printed to create both technically accurate and thought-provoking models that have the ability to inspire discussion and demonstrate ideas in a clear and tangible manner. We are already seeing more artists and others in the sector expressing curiosity as to how 3D printing can be used to shift the direction of their work and explore new avenues.

What is the potential future competition/threats from competing products/technology?

There is little doubt that 3D printing as an industry is moving incredibly rapidly and there is not a day that goes by that there is talk of a new machine that is faster or cheaper or better than its predecessor. At times, 3D printing risks being damaged by its own hype.

The rhetoric produced by new printer manufacturers and at times the media can misrepresent the power of these machines and is a risk to the reputation of the powerful professional machines such as the ProJet 660Pro.This machine is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses and consumers if used correctly, and has been at the forefront of the professional 3d printing tapestry for many years. Whether this continues to be the case will be dictated by the key manufactures 3D Systems and Stratasys, as well as new (re)entrants into the market HP.

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