Product Overview

Price Range: £8K - £12K

The Artec Eva Lite is a simpler and more cost-effective version of Artec’s flagship 3D scanner.

Whilst the Eva is the culmination of many years of work by Artec’s R&D department, some of the features are an unnecessary luxury. Keeping that in mind, Artec have developed a stripped down version of the Eva, the Eva Lite which is a more cost-effective option for those who only need to capture the shape and form of an object, rather than texture.

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what the Manufacturer Says:

The Eva Lite is similar to the original Eva in every way, except it does not have the ability to capture texture and as a result, the price point is lower. These factors combined mean that the Eva Lite has the potential to be the perfect solution for many fields where money is tight and texture is not required.

A further advantage is that if at a later point, you realise that texturing is required than there is the ability to install a simple upgrade.

what Inition Says:

The Artec Eva Lite was developed as it was realised that not everyone needs to capture texture. The Eva Lite boasts all of the features of the Eva including the Artec Studio software and excellent customer support at a reduced price. The option is also available to upgrade from the Artec Eva Lite to the Eva package at any point.

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