Case Study:

3D Scan & Print Ten Designer’s Heads for London Fashion Week Rock Vault Collection


The Brief

For the 2013 Rock Vault Collection, ten designers were selected to present their jewellery designs, made out of precious palladium, in a way that combined the latest technology with traditional jewellery craftsmanship.

Experiential production company Blonstein & Associates approached the International Palladium Board with the idea of displaying models of each designer’s head to showcase their own earings. Blonstein & Associates asked Inition to turn the idea into reality.

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Our Solution

Inition scanned each of the designer’s heads in 3D using a Mephisto 3D scanner. The digital models underwent a post-production process to create stylised, faceted versions to reflect the Rock Vault aesthetic which were then realised in physical form using a ZPrinter 450.

Rob Jeffries, 3D Scanning and Print Consultant at Inition said: “We employ a range of scanning technologies and regularly scan everything from museum artefacts to pop stars. Scanning a human bust is particularly challenging, especially to capture the intricacies of hair and facial features accurately.”

He continued: “Post-production involved stylising the data to give the faceted look whilst retaining the recognisable features of each model. We are really pleased with the aesthetic of the finished life-sized heads and are excited about the huge potential for deploying these technologies in the fashion world.”

The Result

The result was a slick gallery style exhibition in Somerset House during London Fashion Week, which highlighted the sharp contrast of the light-absorbing painted heads and bright white of the palladium metal.