Product Overview

The 3D Systems Sense is a 3D scanner designed for the consumer with 3D printing in mind. Sense has a flexible scan size and can capture everything from a picture-perfect object to human geometry, processing data in seconds for an instantly 3D printable file.

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what the Manufacturer Says:

The 3D Systems Sense comes with an intuitive user interface with easy and automated zoom, track, focus, crop, enhance and share tools. Sense printables can be sent to the Cube and Cube 3D printers.

Discover the power of physical photography with the Sense 3D scanner. Savor every dimension of your favorite memories: Graduation day. Wedding day. Bringing home baby. Holidays. Trips around the world. All with your Sense, all in 3D.

Full integration between the Sense and Cubify Sculpt enables creative freedom like never before.

Sense has the most versatile scan range in its class with auto-optimized settings for objects large and small.

what Inition Says:

A cost-effective consumer scanner aiming to bring 3D scanning to the masses, the Sense is a user-friendly device which is packaged with the Cubify range of consumer 3D printers.

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