Product Overview

Take on more projects faster with 3D Systems ProX 950 Stereolithography (SLA®) Production Printer—the largest-format, highest-speed, greatest accuracy and greenest 3D printer available today, offering revolutionary new ways to quickly manufacture precise plastic parts and forgo the design limitations of CNC or injection molding.

The ProX 950 is equipped with 3D Systems’ newest PolyRay™ print head technology that can manufacture real parts at up to 10 times the speed of other 3D printers, drawing on the widest choice of proven high-performance engineered materials that are qualified for the most demanding aerospace, medical device and industrial use-cases.
The ProX 950 is flexible and versatile, and can produce precision parts with accuracy that rivals CNC machining, ranging in sizes smaller than the eye of a needle all the way to parts larger than a life-size tiger without compromising feature details or true-to-CAD accuracy.

With the industry’s widest array of SLA materials, the ProX 950 delivers a range of properties, from ABS-like toughness to polycarbonate-like clarity. You can even cast directly from printed patterns using QuickCast™ technology.

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what the Manufacturer Says:

  • High accuracy and unmatched materials choice, from the inventors of SLA.
  • Go big without the seams – Build up to 1.5 m (5 ft) wide in one piece, no gluing or assembly required.
  • Fast production – Create a full-size dashboard in two days.
  • Be exact – The ProX 950 delivers the highest end-to-end accuracy and detail, even on huge parts.
  • Use the material that meets your requirements – The Accura® line of SLA production materials offers the right properties for your application, including QuickCast pattern technology.
  • Print efficiently – Highly efficient material use means unused material stays in the system, resulting in minimal waste.

what Inition Says:

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