Product Overview

The ProX 500 Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) production 3D printer delivers superior tough plastic parts with greater precision, durability and quality in a compact production-grade system that is easy to own and economical to use. Designed for the manufacturing floor, the ProX 500 produces ready-to-use functional parts and complete assemblies for a variety of aerospace, automotive, patient specific medical devices, fashion accessories, and mobile device use cases.

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What the Manufacturer Says:

The ProX 500 is equipped with 3D Systems’ latest print drivers, automated part nesting on the fly and optional, automated material handling module that streamlines production and recycling of materials for an optimal product every time.

What Inition Says:

3D Systems have evolved in terms of their vision for 3D printing seeing production rather than prototyping as the future. The ProX 500 epitomises this vision allowing for the creation of precise thermoplastic parts. With high reliability and fast printing speed, alongside material efficiency and automated production, the ProX 500 allows you to create either smaller runs of products of a complex nature or bespoke products as required.

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