Product Overview

The iPro 8000 from 3D Systems is a high-productivity, mid-range SLA 3D printing system that builds robust parts with outstanding surface smoothness, feature resolution, edge definition and tolerances. Produce precise, robust parts as functional prototypes, casting patterns, presentation models and for fit and form testing. Benefit from multiple material choices with surprising properties as good as, or even better, than traditional materials. multiple SLA parts can be simultaneously without compromising accuracy or performance.

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what the Manufacturer says:

SLA technology is extremely versatile and it can be used in any number of areas that require precision above all else. It is all about precision and accuracy, so it is often used where form, fit and assembly are critical. The tolerances on an SLA part are typically less than .05mm, and it offers the smoothest surface finish of any additive manufacturing process. Considering the level of quality SLA can achieve, it’s particularly useful for creating highly precise casting patterns (e.g., for injection molding, casting and vacuum casting) as well as functional prototypes, presentation models, and for performing form and fit testing.

Find the right material for your requirements among the broadest choice of engineering plastics and composites with the Accura stereolithography (SLA) material selection guide.

what Inition Says:

The iPro 8000 from 3D Systems has the potential to revolutionise prototyping for a variety of commercial applications. With the ability to produce functional concepts, including multiple builds in a single print, this machine is a potentially powerful tool. Whilst the level of investment required is considerable, the list of well-known companies already using this machine is a testament to its value.

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